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A Glimpse of Our Work...

After decades of pool work, we've seen it all! We bring expertise to our customers that is rarely seen in the industry. And after all these years, we still love the feeling of a great-looking pool after a good day of old fashioned hard work!

What We Offer...


There are a number of great benefits of having an in-ground liner pool. Unfortunately, liners don't last forever. If yours is ready to retire, we'll get you a new one installed immediately!


Do you have problems with your pool tile? Not only does tile protect your pool, it's what many of your summer visitors will notice first. It's one of those impressions that lasts!


Acid Wash

Sometimes your pool needs more than a general cleaning. It's amazing what an acid wash can do to renew the white luster of its former years. If you're ready for some real cleaning, give us a call!


Covers provide critical protection to your pool. You may have noticed that yours has worn out through the years. We want to make sure that you maintain the same protection. Let us know if you need your cover replaced, and we'll help you out! 


Heaters, pumps, and sand filters. They each play an essential role in your pool's operation, and we've got experience with them all. If you're having an issue with your equipment, let us know!



We offer both one-time cleaning and weekly maintenance. Not only does cleaning your pool keep it appealing for swimmers, it prevents plaster stains and corrosion of equipment, as well as savings on chemicals.


About us...

Beginning in the 1960s, my grandpa started his first swimming pool business in Oregon, along with his five sons. He named it simply, "Lloyd Caudle & Sons." Each of his sons continued in the industry in one form or another after becoming adults. As a teenager, I worked along the youngest son, who happens to be my dad! I learned vital skills which allowed me to continue the work that our family has loved. It's been a privilege to serve our customers all these years!